About Me.

My name is JD Stockholm. I am the author of Dear Teddy.

This blog is mostly for my journey. To get those thoughts out that linger in my mind until I am driven crazy. Its sharing. Maybe someone reading will realise they are not alone. Maybe when someone comments I will realise that too.

We all walk along different paths, but sometimes, when the road is rocky, the way to go is unclear and you just need that helping hand. Its good to look over the canyon next you and see someone else doing the same.

Give them a little wave. Smile say Hi. And know that why ever you are here reading. If your struggles plague you. You are not alone.

This blog maybe triggering. Please read with caution if you have been a victim of abuse in any kind.


25 thoughts on “About Me.

  1. Dear God how you have suffered and continue to do so. Your books, your childhood has taken me to a level of sadness and anger I have never experienced in my life. Is it too late to throw those animals in prison that abused you so horribly? I pray for you always that you will someday be at peace in your mind and soul. Nothing was ever your fault dear child. You were a beautiful innocent precious little boy who suffered extreme abuse at the hands of people that were to protect and love you. Please know that your story has touched the hearts and souls of many people. We all love you dearly and pray that you will be able to work through all that has happened to you. We are crying with you. We are. Here for you and we support you. All my Love, A mother that hears you and cares.xxx

  2. Whilst reading telling teddy I sobbed, not just for the story but that I can relate to many of your actions!
    Thank you for sharing your story and making me feel that I’m not crazy
    X x x

  3. Dear jd,

    I just want to say that I pray that you find peace in your life. None of this was your fault. There are a lot of sick people in the world unfortunately. It is heartbreaking as a mother to read your story. I just don’t see how two people who created you could be so cruel and heartless. In your first book you talk about a brother who was sent away. Why? Then your mom talks about being pregnant again? What was that about because in the next book there is no baby.

    I hope someday you will find it in your precious heart to forgive your parents for what they put you through. God knows the don’t deserve it, but you are a better person than they ever were and it may just help you work through your nightmare.

    Thank you for sharing your story. You are a wonderful writer. I hope you will someday write about how you survived this tragedy and what your doing today. Take care and may God bless you and keep you safe always.

    • hi lst

      thank you for reading and taking the time to come and message me. I’m not sure what your asking with regards to my older brother. if you’re asking why he was sent away, it was because when he was six weeks old my mum threw him at the fire place, broke his collar bone and fractured his skull, so he went into the care system and was eventually adopted by his foster parents.

      if you’re asking why I mention him, mostly because he’s part of the story. even though he wasn’t around.

      thank you for your kind words.

  4. JD- I have spent the last week reading the 4 Teddy books. At the end of each one, I thought,”Surely someone will see what is happening to him in the next book and do something to help him.” And then I read the next book and things just get worse. I am so sorry. I understand your brokenness and as a mother and a teacher, I hurt for you. I realize you are still that hurt, broken little boy and I pray that you can at some point realize that you were a victim and that none of it was caused by your badness. Please know that there are a lot of people who care and wish they were there to snatch you up and love you. There is no one who is unloveable, in spite of what they were trained to believe!

  5. As you already know from our FB conversations, you are one of the very few who knows what it’s like to feel broken and thinking that we can’t be fixed. We have our good days, and the days when others believe we are having good days. Keep writing, and don’t you dare close your blog, FB, and other social sites…..it’s always great to know there are others out there to turn to!! ❤

  6. Dear JD,
    Hope your doing great!
    I’m on the 3rd book now. It’s hard to read it, have to walked away. Too hurtful. I’m sorry of what you go through… My heard is with you.
    By the way, what happened to
    Your mum? Did they go to jail?!


  7. I just finished the last book in the Dear Teddy series; I had a thought, could the “bad man” have been your mother? At the end of the book you have a FAQ page , you are asked who the man was. There is a part in book 4 where you talk about getting scratched and him grabbing you from under the bed. Sorry this is long, but my brain is annoying as well and I analyze things. You always yelled for your mother but she never came, her form of attack was using her nails and digging them into you, you wrote that he abused you with different objects. I hope this is an OK place for my analysis. I’m sorry if it isn’t but as soon as I read the line this thought came to mind. I look forward to reading your blog posts, writing is a great outlet. Sorry one more question. I’m assuming you are using a pen name so is Stockholm referring to Stockholm syndrome?

    • It has crossed my mind that it was my mother. Especially the nails. But when I was older, she would wake me by shaking my bed to scare me and that’s what he always did. My therapists said that I have shut the face out for a reason.

      And ironically Stockholm was my Nan’s maiden name and she was very special to me so I used it to honour her.

      Thank you for reading 🙂

  8. Thank you for replying, I have many things I would like to ask you. I think that everyone should write their life story; difficult as that may be, it could be exactly what someone needs to see in order to grow.

  9. I could relate. I am grown up now and unfortunately, my only rescue was leaving home after I graduated High School. I was hoping that the boy in the book would have been rescued much sooner…..

  10. J.D. . I read all 5 of your books in 11 days.I couldn’t put my kindle down. I commend you for your strength. I was absolutely horrified when I got to the part of “the play place”.

    After reading Scars to bear, I was left with so many questions…. did you become a prostitute? When and how did you get off of drugs? Does your son have autism?

    If you continue your series, I most definitely will read it

  11. I have a remarkable story memoir that I went through that is bone chilling as a teenager on a juvenile camp that was privately owned ..that got shut down years ago that can all be referenced on Google and no one went to jail..or anything..and was government finder that was swept under the rug..and further more these scumbags moved out of the state and are running another one till this day..and left me and many others worth severe mental and emotional scars PTSD…..I am looking for someone to help me finance or sponsor or co write my memoir of this true event..today IAM in sobriety and am married with 4 children and would love to get together with you..if u might be interested..my number is 859 382 6980..thanks and God Bless

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