NaNoWriMo and 610,466 words later.

Last year I had a crazy idea for my writing motivation.

I’m a NaNo junkie. If you don’t know what that is, visit here. . Every year in November, thousands of writers both published and unpublished come together for the insane task of writing 50,000 words in 30 days. Personally I have done it for six years now and loved it every time.

In June last year, those nice folks over at the Offices of Letters and Light opened their cabins to many happy campers that fancied a little midyear-getaway-crazy-writing-goal-month. I was one of them. See campnano here.

It crossed my mind how many words I could get if I was to do the standard 1667 words a day (That’s 50k divided by 30 days). A little button punching on my calculator, of course it’s a leap year too and June 2011 for a year would amass to 610,122 words.

I love NaNo. Plus I’m slightly mad when it comes to writing; I decided that I would aim for this. 1667 words a day for 366 days was nothing.

Today was my last day. I feel a little lost now because of course tomorrow there isn’t a writing goal. I do have a ton of words to revise and some first drafts to look at and laugh and wonder what on earth I was thinking when I wrote those.

Four and a half novels written, over 100 poems and more than my weight in coffee devoured, I finished with a total of 610,466 words for the year. A whole 344 words over.

I’ve had an amazing year of writing. One of the books. Dear Teddy, was published last month and also a collection of my poems in the Dark Ramblings of the Phoenix. I also had poems featured in Barry Mowles book Tears Of Ink and Brian Wrixons, Words on the Winds of Change.

Year two? Perhaps.

Camp Nano starts tomorrow. 😉

Free Today Dear Teddy

Free for three days. Please download, read, review.

Please share. I am more than happy to return the favour.

Little boy little boy,
Curled in a ball.
I know your secrets,
I know them all

I write in my journal as much as I can. I talk to Mr. Ted. He is my only friend. He understands when the bad man comes. He holds my hand when I have nightmares and my mummy doesn’t hear me cry. Mr. Ted doesn’t tell. He won’t say when my daddy hurts me. He keeps my secrets and my stories. I love Mr. Ted. He is the only one who loves me back.

Mr. Ted.
I keep falling asleep. Bad things happen. I get sore all the time. But I don’t know why. My mum says it’s a demon. Because I got evil.

Please make me be good.

I See

I see

I see your smile
One that hides so many secrets
Yet it’s real
Your innocence

I see your eyes
Eyes that have seen a hundred things
They shine so blue
There’s no sadness in them

I see your face
Just a child
Pure and
Without ruin

But then
Dark shadows loom overhead
Cover you
Embrace you into their vicious arms

Their darkness seeps into your skin
The innocence was fake
Never were your eyes so pure
You were already bad.

A devious smile that can act so sweet
Lying eyes shine with intent
The pure face of insincerity
A child, I was.
A lie.