5 thoughts on “Journal Entries

  1. I began following you on fb, and have been a fan ever since. You have a wonderful gift with words. You make your readers feel so many different emotions! Due to chronic illness I spend a lot of time in the hospital and I use books as a means of escape. You have brought a sad, but very true issue into the light that many others just want to sweep under a rug. Maybe in doing so the children who are suffering through this will get the help and love they deserve, instead of heartache and pain they have become accustomed to. Thank you.

  2. Your books were very touching do sorry your life was so painful. After the nook telling Teddy did you write another one..I was wondering want happened in your life afterword ….

    • Thank you Anna, I have written book three, or quite a lot of it, its in different stages. Some is with my beta reader and some I still have to do myself, then there is a little bit, being edited still.

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