I’ve been meaning to put this page up for a few weeks now, every time I sit, I can’t think what to write, so I’m just going to try and if anything crops up that someone wants to know from one of my books, then by all means ask, and I’ll do my best to answer.

I get emailed and messaged on Facebook often, not that I mind, I love to hear from people, just it seems if these questions are things many people have, then maybe it’s better to answer them here.

1. Who was the bad man and what happened to him?

  • I don’t know who he was, or where he came from. I can’t remember him, other than the vague memories that are in my books. I didn’t see him after I was seven years old, but by then the damage was already done and since then, and even until this day, I have flashbacks of his face almost every day. I was diagnosed with PTSD last year. My therapist that I was working with suspects that my mind has shut out his face for a reason, and perhaps its someone I know.

2. What was the medicine my mother was giving to me?

  • I don’t know what it was she gave me. I suspect it was made of whatever she could find that day. It never really tasted the same, though it was always hot. I think perhaps she put some kind of spice in it. I don’t think it was real medicine, but then I don’t really know.

3. What happened to my mother, father, brother and nan?

  • My mother passed when I was fifteen. I don’t really like to talk about that part, maybe when I am stronger I will do.
  • My father is still around, though recently I told him to leave me alone, it had reached the point when I couldn’t take much more from him. I have to accept, he will never see me how I want him too and he will never take responsibility for his actions.
  • My brother is still in my life. He does well and recently qualified as a staff nurse. I’m very proud of what he has achieved.
  • My Nan, she passed when I was twenty four. It hit me very hard at the time, and I suffered mental illness due to the loss of her.

4. Was my brother abused too?

  • I don’t think so, not in that way, though he has his own things and his own issues. I don’t think he was abused in the same way. I would be heartbroken if I learned different.

5. When did it stop?

  • Officially when I was sixteen years old, after I had been thrown out, but there have been violent incidents since.

19 thoughts on “FAQ’s

  1. After reading your books I had those same questions. I had a few more too…LOL
    You are so strong for posting this and writing the books. It takes a strength I imagine you don’t realize you have.
    Hugs JD to you and your family 🙂

    • Thank you Dekater, I know people will have question, I’m happy to answer really, I just dont know what it is people wonder, so I thought I would post this and have it open for whatever 🙂 Thanks for reading.

  2. I to are happy you have put these answer up,i also had wonder about a couple of the the questions ,be strong in your writing JD it will help you in time. xxxx

  3. Any chance we will see a third book? You have it in you to survive anything….so much strength to tell your story with such openness and honesty. I wish you and yours all the happiness you deserve. May God watch over you.

  4. I have been abused when i was little the day i could remember things my mother was so mean to me verbally and physically my dad was to bad but he got worse over time.i have alot hurt and anger.please email back when i read your books they really where very emotional and where true to the heart.i am very sad for you.

  5. Dear JD I am finishing Dear Teddy and I am so terribly sorry for you. I am anxious to read the other books too. I read the FAQ’s and was wondering if nobody ever found out and tried to protect you from the abuses. Not at school? not your nan? How could it be perpetuated till you were sixteen…. devastating.

  6. i just finished your goodbye teddy book (and all your other teddy books). it said book 31/2 on goodbye teddy, is there another after it. i hope so. I found all your books very comforting. i had a hard childhood too and your books made me feel like it all wasn’t my fault and i took a lot of comfort in that. there were so many times i wanted to reach through the book hug you and tell you it’s not your fault and you are not stupid.
    I live in the USA and i got my therapist into your books as well. I have been seeing her for about a year now. We share books all the time. i hope she likes them like i do.
    also none of your books i bought have page numbers on them. is that specific to your books or is that a UK thing?
    I read an entry on this site about you cutting and trying to stop. So am I. it is VERY difficult and i hope you are more successful than i am.
    I also read an entry about where you are they give you a number of sessions and then they let you go. that is crazy to me, I’ve never heard of that. I wouldn’t be where i am today if i wasn’t in therapy the last 5 consecutive years. I can’t imagine what it’s like to not have constant care in therapy. My therapist keeps me out of the hospital and we work on goals i want to achieve in life and with my mental health. I have Bipolar disorder and PTSD.
    I just wanteed you to know i loved your books, they gave me a great comfort.
    and I hope you and your son are doing well.

    • So sorry it took me a while to approve this. Thank you for messaging me, though.
      It means the world to me when I see someone who … I don’t know, is the same? Feels wrong to say that. Someone it helped.
      I hope your cuts heal soon.
      And yeah, therapy here is nuts, but then we don’t pay for it or have insurance, so it’s government budget. Probably why its more of a one thing fits all.

      My son and I are doing great. Thank you.
      Much love and care from across the globe.

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