After Teddy

Here you’ll find a collection of stories from years after the Dear Teddy books. Perhaps I will put them in a book when I am done.

7 thoughts on “After Teddy

  1. are you working on a follow-up book too stupid boy?
    because i have read all the books, and am curious if you are going to write another book.

    • Hi David thanks for reading. And yes there will be, it should be the final one so a little bigger, but it takes the story to a place maybe the reader can see how it ended, not that it ever did, but a resolution for the reader.

  2. Just curious did the new book ever get published? I just finished all 3 of your books and I am dying for more. But I can’t seen to find a fourth book.

  3. Dear Sir, I found interest in learning about this story. I have read books by Dave Pelzer, a victim of child abuse as well and his story was very inspirational. Hope to purchase these books sometime soon.

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