About Dear Teddy.

My name is JD Stockholm.

I am the author of the book Dear Teddy.

Dear Teddy is the journal of a small five year old boy, whose suffers a life of abuse. His only friend, Mr Ted listens to him and keeps his secrets safe, holds his hand and offers a protective paw when called up.

This blog is my place to update, but also share the unpublished journal entries of the child through his life.

Thank you for reading.

JD 🙂

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13 thoughts on “About Dear Teddy.

  1. Dear Teddy was a book I could not put down and with each turn of a page the anger at his parents came to a boil. I found myself wanting so badly to protect this boy and felt helpless to do so. I found out that there will be another book today and was saddened at the thought that this child had so much abuse in his life that he could write books about it. I will read the books as I have to know what happens to him, I have questions I really want answered but as I think about those I wonder if you ever got the answers yourself? As a abuse survivor I appreciate that you found a way to touch others and help them. While reading this book I asked myself why do things like this happen to innocent children, there will never be an answer that I could accept as NO CHILD has ever done anything to deserve abuse. You are someone special and I thank you for sharing your story as heartbreaking as it is.

  2. I finished Telling Teddy recently and it too was sad but a story that needs to be told. I hope as you share your story others will take notice that this is something that needs to be addressed. I also hope that as you write it somehow helps you heal inside. I have read allof the journal entries also and wonder why you really do not mention your mother as she was resbonsible for what and how you suffered also. Has she ever tried to make amends to you or even apologise? You are someone special and I will be waiting for book 3.

  3. I have just read both Dear Teddy and Telling Teddy, My thoughts are with you. I can not begin to understand how painful it must have been to relive you memories in writing the books and also to live with them constantly, i hope it has given you some peace. I hope that some where, some how you manage to have some kind of relationship with your brother – I am sure there is much more of your story to tell and I for one will def be looking out for any further books to come and hopefully you will write many more. Thank you for allowing people insight in to your life. I wish you best of luck for your future !!!

  4. These books are amazing and I love each and every one of them. It was very brave of you to be able to write about abuse and being an abuse survivor myself I am completely and totally impressed with your decision.

  5. The whole series is amazing. I have so much respect for you it breaks my heart to know what you went through. Your books give inspiration to others that have been abused.

  6. Are you writing more? I really enjoyed back alley kid and would love to read more. I feel invested in your life. You are so strong and I want to wrap the little boy in you in my arms and keep him safe forever.

  7. I am still finishing up Dear Mr. Ted Series, Iam On Stupid Boy Book. Your abuse and suffering has made me look at my own abuse.. We may be from all walks of life, but we’re all victims of one or more acts of Child Abuse.. No Matter what the situation we didn’t deserve, ask, or invite this or these Monster (s) into our lives to hurt us, we were helpless children, They Were the Adult , They Were the Ones who were to Know Better…
    My abuse started at the age 3 by my Step Father, till I was 13 , ten years of his drunken hell.. I know I was Physically and Sexually abused, and I can recall 70% of the physical abuse, but my mind is protecting me from the sexual abuse, I cannot recall specific incidents, my Therapist says it’s Traumat Amnesia, I mentally checked out during the incidents of abuse… I am in Therapy for Depression and PTSD, chipping bit by bit off the ‘ole ice berg, it feels like… I had told my mother several times what was going on , but my Step Father denied it and in her messed up mind of believing she needed him so bad, took his side, or just covered her eyes and ears on the wfole thing.. Then I would be ignored by him for a week as punishment and have to do enormous jobs cleaning, cooking, everything around the house.. I didn’t have a Childhood I was to busy being forced to run a house and clean and cook while my mom worked as a hairdresser… My Step Father forced me to poise for pictures, I still hate having my picture taken, but my mom found them.. Those ugly things is what made her finally believe me, her daughter… A program called United Parents, trying to reform families of abuse, my parents joined over any jail time. I had a Social Worker, but it never truly helped, Today, United Parents no longer exists, why???? Because 90% of the Dads, Step Fathers, Grandfathers and Uncles re abused another victim or reabused the same victim, the remaining 10% committed Suicide…. So going to jail for your crime is necessary and Justice for all us victims…And yes my Step Father briefly reabused me, but because I was 18, the Therapists said I wanted it, yeah right, I also want a bullet in my head.. Those Therapist are no longer in practice… That’s my story in a nut shell. Except because of the abuse and the worthless feeling, I dated Men who were losers, treated me like garbage, even beat me up, one did, till I got some therapy..
    It’s easier to accept the negative then the positive.. The negative was always beaten into us… So JD Stockholm I will continue your book and be inspired and cry the same tears of pain as you for we are both survivors of Child Abuse.. Take Care JD..,.

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