The only time you were my father

Was in my imagination


The only time you gave me food

Was when I earned it


The only time you held my hand

Was to hold me down


The only time you touched my face

Was to beat me


The only time you bathed my skin

Was to wash away your sins


The only time you wrapped your arms around me

Was to hurt me


The only time you ever loved me

Was not a time I recall at all


Entry in A Boy’s Journal – date: unknown.

2 thoughts on “Dad

  1. He was horrible to you. That man was NO father. He never did anything to deserve to be called a father. What he did to you was unforgivable.

  2. Just devastates me to think of any child living thru this nightmare. I am so honored to be able to read your story and am proud that you had a way to share your story so that hopefully people will open their eyes to an epidemic that is far too common.

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