Made to order

Made to order

What do you want?

What do you need?

A child, that’s yours,

Some kind of servant


Today I bleed

Because that’s what was ordered

My screams he needs them

Doesn’t matter how

It’s how I should be


Maybe so small

Like a little child unaware

Playing my games

Prey on the floor

To be stalked and taken


It’s just a game to you

It doesn’t matter

You chose

You pay

We get laid out how they want


Candy in the store

The jewel you see

A prize




Money it talks

It buys what you need

Even the innocent

Doesn’t really matter

Evil deeds


Get it wrong

There are ways to train

A fist, a boot, maybe a demonstration

If you’re lucky

This is how you do it


I take down their order

Mix it around

Make it how they want it

Imagination with no bounds

I serve you.

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