The stars.

The stars.

The stars of a thousand connections
Reside in the night above
The light in the darkness
Can you see them?

Do you wish upon the right one?
Is it our turn
To take what is ours
Are we ready?

Look up into the sky at night
Take a look you will see
The twinkle of fated paths
For you and for me?

When the star is yours to grasp
You will know it deep inside
Like you know what’s meant to be
Here with this, do you see?

When your time has come at last
On the right path do you walk
With the one that is right here
Did the star fly through the sky?

A shooting star some may say
it is not the sparkle dying
But a miracle that is ours
Handed to us by what’s right

It has to wait
Until its sure
That we found
Love that’s pure

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