Amazing review of Dark Ramblings of the Phoenix. Thank you. Lorane Leavy from

As a writer, obviously one of the best feelings is when someone leaves an open and honest review of the book you spent so much time creating. I have had many reviews on Amazon and I love them all.

Lorane Leavy from Plum Tree Books recently reviewed my latest Dark Ramblings of the Phoenix. Read the full review here.

                Stockholm, in a rare autobiographical revelation, demonstrates a helpful and kind bent, giving his readers ‘clues’ to his ‘mystery’ at the outset.  We learn that these words “were written when I got too deep into myself or woke from a bad dream. . . they are as I wrote them; with the pain that fuelled them. ”

               The reader, like boy’s wallpaper, can only witness, cursed with impotence, condemned to participate mutely. 

              Like boy, reader begins to pray for death.  There is no end, no escape.  Can we just dissolve to “Blackout” – THE END?

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