Note: I wrote this some weeks ago when I was at a point I didn’t see a way out of, I needed an outlet. I thought I would share. Could be triggering to those suffering self harm issues and possibly disassociation. Read with care.

When I look in the mirror I am shocked. That is not my face. That is not how I look. I want to claw his face away. It’s a lie. I am trapped in his body. I don’t look like that. 

I see what everyone sees. I see why they hurt him;   right there in his eyes. It is what he was made for and what he deserves. I hate when I see the tears in his eyes. He looks stupid when he cries. He doesn’t deserve to let the tears go.

You cannot cry for what you are. It’s his fault; he has no right to cry. He is bad. He is worthless. He doesn’t get to cry about that. 

I see his blood in the mirror but it isn’t right. I need to see it for real so that I can feel it. I can’t feel it in a reflection that is a lie. I need to see it happening. I need to feel it; the sharp burn as the skin gets cut.

I grind my teeth down because it hurts, but then I see him doing the same. He doesn’t get to keep the pain away. He isn’t allowed to.

It is his entire fault. I want to smash the mirror. I want to pull him out and beat him. I want him to go away and never come back. I want him to die.

I hate him.

He eats and he isn’t allowed. He doesn’t deserve food. He doesn’t deserve to taste things, but I watch him and he does it like he can’t help himself. He has no control. He should eat nothing. He should feel hunger. He should feel everything. 

He is a lie and everyone sees through it. Everyone knows that he is there to be hurt. But it’s not him that gets hurt, it’s me.

They get it wrong. 

I keep drifting off. Not to sleep; just somewhere. I get lost. Maybe he does it. Just like now. I don’t know where I have gone. I don’t really know. My mind keeps wandering. 

I like to watch the skin bleed. I like to watch when it burns from the kettle or the iron. I feel it when it goes over me like calming music. Every nerve reaches to feel it, but then he is there. He spoils it. 

Everything I do, he spoils. I get happy; I get content and think maybe this time things are right. They feel right, but then it’s him and he ruins everything.

I hate him.

Because of him, it all goes. Something happens and it is supposed to be him that gets hurt. Not me, but it’s me that feels it. Me that hurts.

I see the walls fall on the comfortable place I made. They crash down so loud I can’t hear anything else. It’s always this way. It happens every time. I’m a fool to believe that it is different. Foolish to believe in people. Foolish to believe that maybe this time he won’t ruin it. 

Each time is worse. I curl up inside and wish to be taken away. I just want it over. I ask all the time; just take me away. Make it stop. But I am never answered. I know there is no one listening.

 I can’t cut deep enough. I keep trying and it doesn’t go away. It just bleeds. I don’t want it to bleed. I just want to feel that pain and not this one.

He can’t even give me that. 

I want to smash his face in the mirror. 

8 thoughts on “Mirror.

  1. James I know you are if-y about God, And believe me I can understand that. I have asked those questions myself. How could God let an innocent child go through all of this torment? Well God has a reason for everything that happens to us. How could we help another child with the same problem if we did not understand what they are going through. I know God could give you peace and joy and the most abundant love you could never imagine. He is waiting for you to ask for it. Somewhere along your fathers life he let the devil take over his actions. I pray for him because there is nothing on this earth can go before God for him. On his day of judgement he has to go before God with nothing and he will have to answer for ever word, for every little thing he did to you. He will pay for everything and much worse than anything than can happen to him on earth. You can look in the mirror and feel that he gave you the only thing he had good to give. Now you can take that gift and let the world see it in a different light. It is a very handsome face, and every time you look at a innocent child smile that sweet smile to them. It may be the only one they get in one day.

  2. I wish we lived closer so you could look into my eyes when I tell you YOU ARE A WORTHY SOUL. I am still on my journey but in the moments in between, that rare blip of thought I have in a break through moment, I am also worthy. I wish you could see that in my eyes, I see your moment, your light shining through.

    Sending Reiki.



  3. The part where you say that you “see what others see..what he was made for and what he deserves.” You will save lives with pieces like this and through your book. Not only brave, but brilliant as well. You did nothing to deserve what happened to you. This gift for writing is a special one. Thank you._

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