Coming 1st September

This journey has been an odd one; I didn’t even know I was on it. Dear Teddy was born out of a conversation with my therapist at the time, a way for the child to speak after so many years of silence and being locked away in the dark. Once I gave him a pen and told him it was okay for him to talk, he didn’t stop. He had so much to say, and he did.

Goodbye Teddy is the fourth and final book in the Dear Teddy series, as with the previous books; it is told through the eyes of the child. He asks you to walk with him as he shows you his world. This is a tale of child abuse in all forms. Every page takes you through the horrific events and the ways he came to survive them. It shows you the betrayal by those very people that should have protected him; his mother and father.

Listen as he shares his secrets, his fears, his hopes and dreams. Laugh with him, cry with him, but don’t stop or close your eyes.



I sit on the cushions. I look at my dad’s bottle of petrol. Maybe I can drink it. It is poison. My dad says it is. He shouts when my brother plays in there. Because there is lots of things and it is poison and can make him die and go to heaven. I look at it lots of times. Maybe I can drink it all down. I think about it inside. Maybe it tastes nice. I like how it smells. Maybe it doesn’t taste very bad.

I reach over and get it. I open it. It smells nice. Maybe I can count. Not to four, though. Four is very bad. I count to three. One, two, three. Then I can drink it and I can go away and then everyone is happy about it.




I lift the bottle up and then I put it at my mouth. I don’t tip it yet. I don’t keep the crying part away. I don’t ever be any good. “Drink it.” I say it very bad to myself. “Drink it. Drink it.”



2 thoughts on “Coming 1st September

  1. At the beginning of this book, JD included some mentions of people in his life. I am proud to say, that I am one of those mentions in which, he says that in the very beginning… on that quiet, life-changing night, he doesn’t really know why he began to tell me the things that he did.
    To that I simply say, because it was time. And that I am so very glad he did.

    James, I know this has not been an easy journey for you. No survivor’s journey is… nor are they short. And the days that lie ahead, there are sure to be difficult times as well as good ones. Yet from now on, things will be different because now you have taken all of that hatred, cruelty, and just plain evil and turned it into something good – The Dear Teddy Series. Through it, you not only help yourself but you help others as well. And that is a wonderful thing. You are, without a doubt, one of the the bravest and most beautiful people I have ever known. Thank you for sharing this most difficult of stories with us all.

    You are, and always will be my hero. I am so very proud of you, James.

    You are amazing.

    ~ Hugs ~

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