Twelve minutes

Twelve minutes


Twelve minutes It’s hardly any time at all Does it matter Something so small


In twelve minutes I could give you the world Make you promises you deserve I could bow down to you And honour you this way


Twelve minutes…


I could speak words not left unspoken A stolen moment A look A blissful kiss to say goodbye


Twelve minutes to hold your hand To feel your skin on mine The gentle touch of your fingers Until that last moment


I could give those words The ones I’m afraid to say Whispered nothing’s, a dream The impossible moments of a future


If I could buy those twelve minutes I’d sit and look at you I’d keep every second, in a place so deep inside I’d sit here right beside you, even just to hold your hand


Twelve minutes…


Not very long at all But if they got stolen So many things I’d regret The space of a minute With you, you give me every breath.


If you had those twelve short minutes what would you give to me?

2 thoughts on “Twelve minutes

  1. I’d hold you for twelve unconditional miniutes and allow you to relax enough to feel what its like to allow someone to embrace you without wanting anything in return.

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