Whispers in the Dark

A child whispers in the dark
To the stars that give no answers,
Hoping not to wake
Not another day he can take
Saddened tears in his eyes
He looks for you in the sky
Are you listening?
Do you care?
Maybe you’re not even there.
His blooded mouth he just asks
“Please don’t let me wake up tomorrow, take me with you.”
The lies that he had read on the wall
Things that never happened not at all
He looked for the footprints in the sand
They promised to carry him and hold his hand
All he wanted was you to take him home
To keep him with you, not alone
But every night prayers unanswered
The little boy sleeps in hope.
As he wakens each brand new day
You are not there to show him the way
He asks why him, what did he do
But still no word
Nothing from you.

I asked you God, to take me away.
But for some reason you made me stay.
I sat and wondered why you’d leave
But I see it now. Such a fool to believe…

In you.

I walk away
Like you did to me.

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