Haha, you’re mentally ill.

Today I asked a deaf man to listen to this great song and then I laughed when he couldn’t hear it, I also asked all my friends on my facebook to laugh too. Then I put something too high up and asked a crippled man to reach it down, it was so damn funny when he couldn’t (please note I didn’t really). Sounds horrendous doesn’t it? Yet this is how I feel when I see such stupid things as the picture I have posted at the side. I hope it creates a good laugh, and then I hope those who laugh realise how cruel that is. This illness is an illness, it is serious and debilitating and certainly not a joke. It makes me sad when I see such ignorance. 1379856_10200784363384001_904517282_n

Perhaps you want to tell me to lighten up, it’s just a joke. Have a laugh. Take it easy?

I saw on an Asperger’s awareness site a post saying put OCD on your profile for a laugh. I was disgusted, not just at that, but for something that raises awareness for an illness, can belittle another one in such a way.

Today I reach day eight of not eating. This is due to my OCD, maybe it’s funny. Maybe I should be laughing.  For me it’s a nightmare. For me I am living with a crazy person inside my head who is so afraid to eat.

I bought a coffee this morning, pretty simple thing, but for me, I try not to watch the person serving, because I know if I do, I find a reason not to drink it and to pour, probably a perfectly good coffee away. I nearly did that today when I saw the young girl pig up my cup from the top. What if her hands were dirty? That’s what my mind started at, and then onwards it went to the many disastrous things that could happen if I drank that coffee.

Sometimes I am rebellious, it is like my OCD is a separate person to me, I havre to do things to annoy it. Like put my cup to my mouth and take a sip and then laugh at my OCD as it clutched its evil little head, because now it was too late, any form of harm or germ in that cup was in my mouth, so I might as well drink it all.

I saw this also today in a group, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics. What an awful name. Perhaps they will instruct as that poster said, Nike, to make running shoes for the paraplegic.

5 thoughts on “Haha, you’re mentally ill.

  1. It’s sad that people laugh at us who have mental illnesses. You are so good at writing what I want to say to people. Usually I just blow up in their face which creates another set of problems.

    It might be a joke to someone, but not to me. I wouldn’t joke around about someone with a physical disability and I always hope that someone would joke about a hidden disability, but they do.

    Sweetie, I wish you could eat. I’m so sorry that you have had such a rough time lately. I think about you every single day. You are not a crazy person at all. You are a person who happens to have a disability that can sometimes control his life.

    Next time you get a coffee, do like I do. I simply find out who will be making my drink and politely tell them that I don’t mean to be a bother, but to please not handle the cup by the lip. I cannot stand for someone to touch the lip of my cup for the same fear you have. I have enough stuff wrong with me without worrying if they will have something that they can pass along to me.

    I love you bunches! 🙂

      • Hello JD, That is a very reasonable request, probably not an OCD issue even. Their hands might be handling money as well, which is really dirty, or may have done some cleaning. I am not a germophobe but I can’t stand people touching the area of my cup that I am drinking from with their bare hands and I don’t do that to others as well. So don’t feel you are being a nuisance by asking them to handle the cup by the bottom.
        No matter what the issue, its cruel to ridicule anyone in any way.

        I did buy all of your books, but since I had a similar childhood, I am just reluctant to read the entire books at one time. I have read a chapter of one, the way I read most books (I am dyslexic and read quite slowly). I will continue to buy all of them and read them as I am able to handle them, in small chunks. Its just too heartbreaking to read the same experience being put into words and you write about it so well.

        Love you my friend,
        Gabrielle 😉

  2. Every time I see one of those insensitive “jokes,” I think of how sad it is, that people have nothing better to do than to pick fun at those of us who are less fortunate in our abilities to cope with certain things.

    Bully mentality. Ignorance. And cruelty.

    I must say again, even if you don’t want to hear it; James, you deserve all that is right and good. I hope that someday you will believe it.

    You are always in my thoughts.

    ~ Hugging you tightly in my heart. ~

    Love you.

  3. We do live in a very germy world. I agree. I’ve noticed that since I’ve been using that sanitising hand gel before I go anywhere, and after using public toilets, I’ve been getting a lot less tummy bugs.

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