No One Knows

I have crying inside
Crying that I can’t take away
Crying that you put there
I try to dig it out but it doesn’t go
Nothing makes it leave
Nothing eases it
It’s like a hole inside I cannot fill
I try
Please let me die
Please let me go
Please make it stop
I’m crying inside and no one can hear
No one can help it
I’m dying inside
No one knows

8 thoughts on “No One Knows

  1. What if someone knew.
    What if she changed your life
    would you still be blue?

    Would you be angry at the person
    Taking you away from all you know,
    changing your life, for something new?

    Would you hate the person, instead of being blue?

  2. Knowing And Caring

    For JD

    I cannot know your pain Yet I know your pain is real Though I cannot see your tears Your grief I can feel You are crying inside I can feel your hot burning tears All put there by your parents’ abuse For far too many years You were just a baby, When all the abuse perpetrated on you started By your parents who were supposed to be your protectors, But instead chose to be evil hearted They chose, and make no mistake, To do what they did was all their choice They were the adults and you the child You were young and innocent and had no voice You suffered abuse at the hands of your parents Sexually Physically Verbally They abused you in a most heinous way And showed you a warped sense of love That continues to haunt you to this very day You feel that you cannot make it leave You cannot cut or dig it out You cannot curse or shout it out You cannot drink or drug it out It is like a Cancer that will consume you, If you let it, without a doubt You say to let you die To let you go To make it stop That no one knows But there are those in your life now Who love you and care Who are willing to help And in your pain to share You say you have a hole inside That you cannot fill I believe that is your little boys heart and soul That the abuse did its best to kill You were traumatized and victimized Starting at such an early age That the war against it You are finding extremely hard to wage But fight against it you must, In order to ever find peace of mind Start by looking for positives in your life Every day make the effort to seek and find We cannot change the past no matter what we think, “It is what it is.”, I know that all too well I learned it when my beloved son died And I felt like I had fallen into a deep, dark, and lonely well It took many years to pull myself up and out Now I live each day giving my grief over to a higher power Second by second…Minute by minute Hour by hour I still struggle with grief and depression As some of us do But know this for sure I am freely giving all of my unconditional love to you

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