So Far …

I thought I would do a check in. Before I started to take my medication, I did a lot of looking online for reviews. I wanted to see if it actually worked. I think I am maybe 2 months in now and I have to say it is going pretty good. I am glad I gave in and got this help. Although I don’t like to say I am on medication, but it is a lot easier than feeling like I just need to die every day.


I have also read the book called a Miracle Morning and have been working on that for about two weeks. I am sure that it is helping my healing, although I have my moments. I haven’t been totally self-harm free, but it has only been once or twice, which 2 months ago, it was every damn day. So I would say that is a bonus.

It hasn’t touched the OCD part of me yet. Maybe it has made that a little worse, but then it is end of my final year at University and I am about to hand in my dissertation, so my increase in symptoms could well be my anxiety at getting that right. It does mean my hands are very sore and they bleed like I have been punching a cheese grater. I think maybe my doctor will increase my dose when I go back. That’s a little bit scary for me, but we’ll see.

5 thoughts on “So Far …

  1. Taking the plunge was a huge step for you, and I know a scary one also. But your other option was not to be here at all, enjoying your family and achievements. That would have been a tragedy for the world. I am glad they have helped with self harm and maybe once the Uni pressure is off, the OCD will quiet down. Thanks for getting the help you needed to be able to live a good life.

  2. No journey is without its challenges… at least the worthwhile ones.
    You have overcome so much – and this time will be no different. I have faith in your abilities; your courage, your drive, your stubbornness, etc… most of all, I have faith in you.
    I wish you knew what a privilege it has been, to watch you progress, through the light, as well as, the dark.
    Keep going. Don’t stop.
    I am just so proud of you.
    Hugs ~ ღ ~

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