Why Watching Child Pornography is a crime.

I recently had a debate with someone about child pornography. I left the discussion because it was triggering me and not because I agreed with them.

Basically, I had commented about a celebrity who had ended their life and they were facing punishment for owning and viewing child pornography. I had commented that I wasn’t sorry about his death, which, I wasn’t. Not that I wished him dead. I never wish anyone dead, but as far as I am concerned, he had committed a crime.

The person who debated this with me, did not agree. He said that it was a victimless crime because the man wasn’t actually hurting those children. I disagree with that too. Maybe he wasn’t actually touching the children or abusing them, but he was funding the system. And that doesn’t have to be financially. He could have funded it by creating a demand for it.

Imagine if everyone in the world stopped smoking, companies would stop making cigarettes because it would be pointless. If the entire world became vegetarian, people wouldn’t raise animals for slaughter for their meat. Mime films are no longer watched, and therefore no longer really made.

It is supply and demand.

I also get that removing one uses of child porn will not stop it, but it is one less and that is never a bad thing.

By watching child pornography, a person is supporting the production of it, and in doing that, they are supporting child abuse, rape and whatever else happens. By watching it, owning it, downloading it, or whatever, a person is participating in the activity of abusing children.

But also, those children .. they are real. They exist. Someone somewhen has them. If your mate took photographs of your partner, and then got off on it, sat and downloaded it, you would be mad. You would feel that they violated your partner.

Another argument that people say, is that it manages the urges. I don’t think so. Most crimes start small. Drug users start with cannabis, rapists start with exposing themselves, thieves start with shoplifting. How long before it goes from watching, to doing?

It is no different than if you buy stolen goods … you become part of the crime.

11 thoughts on “Why Watching Child Pornography is a crime.

  1. I so agree! I don’t see why people are unwilling to see that there are real children being filmed. What, do they think it’s fake, some CGI… I’m sorry that this caused you to trigger. I think you are beyond brave! And I truly admire you! ❤

  2. I and probably most others would agree with you. I’m sorry to say but, the person you were discussing this with sounds like an idiot.

  3. There are so many things that are hurtful in this world. Child pornography is a major one, children are abused and have no voice or advocate to fight back for them. I am not sorry the guy is gone, it doesn’t help the child, but it is one less person that is encouraging the harm to kids.

  4. Thankyou for making a stand. You’re right, every voice counts – for good as well as for bad.


    I came across your books and blogs only last week and have hardly been able to put them down!
    Several things stand out clearly to me:
    Your bravery – for speaking your truth, in all its raw honesty,
    Your strength – for keeping going despite the pain
    Your kindness and thoughtfulness of others – despite your own pain

    It doesn’t matter if you don’t see these things in yourself. I’m not imposing my perspective on you!

    I remember people telling me I was strong and it was hard for me to hear. I wanted to disagree.

    Please keep blogging.

    Please know that you are an inspiration to me on my journey of healing.

    Sending big hugs!!

  5. I totally agree with you. This is not a victimless crime. Those children are real and doing things they have no say in. Thanks for giving them a voice. I’m so sorry the conversation triggered you, but thank you for sharing this with us. Hugs.

  6. I totally agree with you!! It is a horrible thing that there are people that defend this ugliness. I know in my lifetime I will continue to fight these people like you said these children have no voice. My voice can be loud! Thank you for posting this!

  7. I completely agree with you. The children in those images and films are all real children, who have all suffered from actual, physical child abuse. I remember seeing an article or news clip somewhere recently where they were making child body sex dolls. They thought that this would also help to contain the urges of pedophiles. I also totally disagree with that. Using these dolls could potentially cause these monsters to take it another step further and try real children. Sometimes, I wish I could be some sort of super hero, and just eradicate child abuse of all forms, world wide. If that means exterminating some abusers because they can’t or won’t be cured, so be it. I’m all for getting rid of disease ridden vermin.

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